FEPDFederación Española de Psicología del Deporte (Spanish: Spanish Federation of Sports Psychology)
FEPDFédération Européenne des Parfumeurs Détaillants (French: European Federation of Retail Perfumers; EU)
FEPDFundación Española para la Protección de Datos (Spanish: Spanish Foundation for Data Protection)
FEPDFinance Efficiency and Planning Division (United Kingdom)
FEPDFort Edward Police Department (New York)
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Entre ellas estan las aleaciones FePt y FePd que presentan alta magnetizacion y constante de anisotropia cristalina, con valores reportados de [(BH).sub.max] del orden de 20 MGOe (157 kJ/[m.sup.3]), cuando se producen nanocompuestos con base en ellas.
Development of high-grade FePd (iron-palladium) melting targets for sputtering
Flock expected progeny differences (FEPD) An estimated calculation of the genetic value of every animal in a flock (ram, ewe, or lamb), for which data is submitted to the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP).
Herrera, "Enhanced stability and dechlorination activity of pre-synthesis stabilized nanoscale FePd particles," Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, vol.
One of the authors demonstrated the detection of nanometer-sized local atomic order in FePd nanoparticles by Z-contrast at an intermediate stage of the ordering process [12].
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