FEPIFestival de la Publicidad Independiente (Spanish: Independent Advertising Festival; Argentina)
FEPIFederation of the European Play Industry (Brussels, Belgium)
FEPIFundación para el Estudio de los Problemas de la Infancia (Spanish: Foundation for the Study of Children's Issues; Argentina)
FEPIFront End Programming Interface
FEPIFamily Experiences Productions, Inc. (Austin, TX)
FEPIFractional Excretion of Phosphate
FEPIFar Eastern Polychem Industries (Hong Kong)
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FEPi and uPCR were stratified as low, moderate, and high using MediCal[R] [Table 1].
Since we did not have baseline levels of FEPi and uPCR in any patients, we could not compare pre- and post-TDF values.
We classified FEPi as low (< 10%), moderate (10-20%), and high (> 20%), (25) and defined FEPi as indicating tubular dysfunction when FEPi was > 20% in the presence of low serum phosphate (sP[O.sub.4])(< 0.8).
We divided the patients into groups of low (L), intermediate (IM), and high (H) according to their FEPi and uPCR values.
FEPi was high in two (2.4%) patients, moderate in 26 (31.3%), and low in 55 (66.3%) patients.
This patient also had a 1.5-times increase in serum creatinine, a uPCR of 32 and normal FEPi. He had neither DM nor HTN.
No significant impact was found on the severity of FEPi and uPCR by the duration of TDF use, BMI, DM, gender, initial VL, or concomitant use of PI (p-values were all > 0.050) [Table 4].
Various parameters have been used to investigate the nephrotoxic effects of TDF including eGFR, serum creatinine, FEPi, and proteinuria in the form of uPCR or urinary albumin-creatinine ratio.
Due to unavailability of tubular specific markers in our setting, we opted to measure FEPi, uPCR, serum creatinine, and eGFR.
(6) -Doutorando em Ciencia do Desporto -UTAD, Docente da Fundacao de Ensino e Pesquisa de Itajuba - FEPI (Departamento de Fisioterapia e Educacao Fisica).
Health workers volunteering with FEPI also took cytological samples to detect cervical-uterine cancer and carried out an oral health campaign for children.
* For more information, contact: Fundacion FEPI, Medellin, Colombia, e-mail: fepi@epm.net.co.