FEPPFederal Excess Personal Property (US DoD)
FEPPFree Expression Policy Project
FEPPFederal Excess Property Program
FEPPFondo Ecuatoriano Populorum Progressio (Ecuador)
FEPPForeign Excess Personal Property
FEPPFederal Employee Purchase Program
FEPPFacility Emergency Preparedness Program
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The data gathered by the assessment team was used to populate most of the FEPP and FERP lists.
An example of FEPP is used appliances that have little value (either because of condition or function) to the Army supply system and are not deemed worth the risk or cost to have critical military assets, both Soldiers and trucks, move them across the country or the added expense of shipping back to the U.S.
"We are a 110-volt society." So the CHUs stay in Iraq, with a FEPP sticker indicating they will become the property of the Iraqis, if they want them.
Social FEPP provides families and local organizations with training improve the quality of products that include everything from organic sugar (panela) to woven baskets.
En los anos noventa, los efectos de la Guerra del Golfo en los mercados afectaron los precios, obligando a generar un mecanismo de estabilizacion de precios denominado Fondo de Estabilizacion de Precios del Petroleo (FEPP).
Anything that was not to redeploy with the brigade was determined to be foreign excess personal property (FEPP) or foreign excess real property (FERP).
(88) The military requires a specific delegation of authority from the USD (AT&L) to dispose of FERP on foreign land, similar to the foreign excess personal property (FEPP) authority.
The Defense Logistics Agency is responsible for overall management of the Foreign Excess Personal Property (FEPP) Program in Iraq, and has already accomplished much of the economic feasibility analysis.