FEPPFederal Excess Personal Property (US DoD)
FEPPFree Expression Policy Project
FEPPFederal Excess Property Program
FEPPFondo Ecuatoriano Populorum Progressio (Ecuador)
FEPPForeign Excess Personal Property
FEPPFederal Employee Purchase Program
FEPPFacility Emergency Preparedness Program
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Forces-Afghanistan, all units at TB Shank transferred their property to the FEPP unit identification code holder under one memorandum.
So the CHUs stay in Iraq, with a FEPP sticker indicating they will become the property of the Iraqis, if they want them.
Social FEPP provides families and local organizations with training improve the quality of products that include everything from organic sugar (panela) to woven baskets.
Once approved, TF Lifeliner coordinated with the JFC-UA J-4, USAID, the embassy's chief of mission, and the governments of Liberia and Senegal to determine which government agencies or NGOs should receive the FEPP and FERP properties.
163) Second, early classification of items available for disposal under applicable FEPP authority can avoid needless transportation costs and duplicated efforts.
17) Generally, DRMS disposes of all personal property, unless an exception, such as FEPP, applies.
Acceso de los campesinos a la tierra: opcion y experiencias del FEPP, FEPP, Quito.
FEPP proved to be instrumental in the procurement of all classes of supply.
The BSO must then submit his list of nominated FEPP through the chain of command and secure approval for its transfer.
Tanya Erzen, executive director of FEPPS and an associate professor of religion at UPS, echoed a theme voiced by others who teach behind bars: Many inmates seem to value an education more fervently than the typical college student, for whom going to college was always a given.