FEPSFast Ethernet Parallel Port Scsi
FEPSFédération des Écoles Professionnelles en Sophrologie (French: Federation of Professional Sophrology Schools)
FEPSFormation and Evolution of Planetary Systems
FEPSFederation of European Physiological Societies
FEPSFaculty of Economics and Political Science (Cairo University)
FEPSFellow of the Emergency Planning Society (UK)
FEPSFacility and Equipment Planning System
FEPSFoundation for European Progressive Studies
FEPSFamily Eviction Prevention Supplement (Human Resources Administration; Department of Social Services; New York, NY)
FEPSFacility Engineering Planning System (telecommunications)
FEPSFederal Electronic Processing Standard
FEPSField End Photographic Society
FEPSFlash EEPROM Programming Signal
FEPSFederal Electronic Procurement Service, LLC (engineering company)
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FEPS is a basic model for Soldiers to apply as they employ interpreters (speak in the First person, make Eye contact, Position yourself between the subject and the interpreter, speak in Short sentences.
FEPS is the first progressive political foundation established at the European level, set up in 2007 with funding from the European Parliament.
where i indexes firms, t indexes years, FEPS is forecast earnings per share, B is the book value per share, and P is the stock price.
The FEPS aims to be the core of a network that will push parties and foundations that usually stay in the national sphere to work together, explains D'Alema.
2012) 'Cosmopolitanism and the global articulation of consequential solidarity', FEPS Queries, no.
The FEPS program improves the financial security of people living on low incomes by providing individualized problem-solving, financial literacy workshops and tax clinics around tax season.
This is certainly a precedent," said Saif Abdel-Fattah, a third year Political Science student and member of the FEPS student union, "and so far it has been a successful call with good participation.
Only progressive Europeans can put an end to the emergence of populism and the limits of European technocracy," argued former Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema, FEPS president.
Responding to the survey results, former Italian Prime Minister and FEPS President Massimo d'Alema stated that "European civil servants seem to consider that European power is in the hands of the member states - this prevalence reveals an element of weakness of European institutions that are supposed to assume this role".