FEQFestival d'Eté de Québec (French: Summer Festival in Quebec; Quebec, France)
FEQFédération équestre du Québec
FEQFrequency Domain Equalizer
FEQFull Equations Model
FEQFreight Elevator Quartet (band)
FEQFirst Export Quality (hardwoods for decking)
FEQLa Fédération d'escrime du Québec (Québec Fencing Federation)
FEQFamily Expressiveness Questionnaire
FEQFederal Environmental Quality
FEQFaculty Evaluation Questionnaire
FEQFrequently Encountered Question(s)
FEQFrequently Emailed Question(s)
FEQFrequently Expected Question(s)
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This experiment compared the differences between this method and DSD and FEQ and used root mean square (RMS) error and perceived quality to analyze the distortion errors caused by these methods so as to verify the superiority of this method over DSD and FEQ.
In addition to the use of QEM for simplification like DSD, FEQ also estimates the simplification errors of important facial features such as the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.
The data in Table 3 and Figure 12 indicate that when the number of triangles is simplified to 5,000, 2,000, 1,000, and 500, the errors generated by FEQ are 1.
In the preservation of expression features, as shown in Figure 13, when the model is simplified to 5,000 triangular pieces, as shown in Figure 13(b), the FEQ method retains 129 triangles in the forehead wrinkled area; however, this method has 123 fully covered and 37 half-covered triangles in the same area.
5 triangles are retained (including 97 fully covered and 33 half-covered triangles), which is approximately 86% more triangles as compared to the FEQ.
Run promotional campaigns to broaden the reach of the educational program, help generate leads and referrals by exposing the target audience to the FEQ, and direct traffic to www.
The solution was a mall campaign that centered on the FEQ.
The FEQ required five basic pieces of information from a user: age, gender, smoking habits, gross monthly expenses and the ages of his or her children.
The campaign took on an adventure theme, where "I" stood for the target individuals who would act on their financial needs as a result of visiting the booth, taking the FEQ and consulting with SLFP sales agents.
After the video, participants were asked to take the FEQ, consult with an agent, and fill out "compasses" that showed the direction they would have to follow in order to achieve "true north" in their finances.
FEQ explained significant additional variance in the second step, [R.
In the second step, FEQ explained significant variance, [R.