FEQFestival d'Eté de Québec (French: Summer Festival in Quebec; Quebec, France)
FEQFédération équestre du Québec
FEQFrequency Domain Equalizer
FEQFull Equations Model
FEQFreight Elevator Quartet (band)
FEQFirst Export Quality (hardwoods for decking)
FEQLa Fédération d'escrime du Québec (Québec Fencing Federation)
FEQFamily Expressiveness Questionnaire
FEQFederal Environmental Quality
FEQFaculty Evaluation Questionnaire
FEQFrequently Expected Question(s)
FEQFrequently Emailed Question(s)
FEQFrequently Encountered Question(s)
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[25] established 32 feature points and adopted FEQ to preserve facial animation features, as shown in Figure 1; Wang et al.
The YES-MH, the PsychES, the FES and the FEQ measure empowerment by assessing all three components of empowerment.
Dado que la autofecundacion parcial no incrementa progresivamente la consanguinidad de las poblaciones, si no que esta alcanza un equilibrio (Falconer & Mackay, 1996), con tasas de autofecundacion de 10%, el coeficiente de consanguinidad al equilibrio (Feq) por esta causa sera aproximadamente de 5% (Winkler & Estevez, 2003).
The solution, developed in 2008, was an online educational communication tool called the Financial Explorer's Quiz (FEQ).
The result will allow establishing functional relationships or equations (FEq) between the functional requirement (FR) "vibration" (frequency and amplitude) and the geometric feature "profile defects" of the analysed element (Figure 1).
The model included three predictor variables entered in the following order: year in school, FEQ, and three RHI composite scores (i.e., peer, mentor, community).
It claims to be the unofficial, official, unofficial Father Ted fan page and celebrates with an episode guide, a picture gallery, sound samples, Ted quotes and , instead of a FAQ we have a FEQ - Frequently Ecumenical Questions.
Increasing prevention costs to [pounds]15,000 per quarter results in the trajectory FEQ where Q is the quarterly quality cost achieved by the end of the three-year time horizon.
Chemists may even attempt to grow crystals within these new nanometer-size molds -- given that the tubes' inner dimensions, which would serve as the template, can be controlled to within a feq angstroms.
FEQ Far Eastern Quarterly HJAS Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies JAOS
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