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FERFinal Evaluation Report
FERFrame Error Rate
FERForestry and Environmental Resources (North Carolina State University)
FERFoodservice Equipment Reports
FERFlywheel End Right
FERFerrovie Emilia Romagna
FERFinal Expenditure Report
FERFédération Equestre Romande (French: Romandie Equestrian Federation; Switzerland)
FERFrame Erasure Rate
FERFinancial Education Resources (Culver City, CA)
FERFondo Europeo Per I Rifugiati (Italian: European Refugee Fund)
FERField Equipment Room (energy exploration)
FERFakultet Elektrotehnike i Racunarstva
FERFinal Exercise Report
FERFinal Engineering Report (project management)
FERForce Exchange Ratio
FERFar East Region
FERFundamental Expenditure Review (UK)
FERForced Entry Resistance
FERFund Expense Ratio (investment calculation)
FERFront End Receiver
FERFriends of Edgbaston Reservoir (Birmingham, UK)
FERFractional Exchange Ratio
FERForce Effectiveness Report
FERFault Expansion Ratio
FERField Engineering Representative
FERFlight Equipment Rack
FERFront End Ratio
FERFreeze Exemption Request
FERFeature Enhancement Request
FERForeign Examination Report
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But boss Carlos Carvalhal insisted after the game that Fer should have been cautioned rather than dismissed for the offence.
Fer looked like the more likely candidate to make way for Sigurdsson's introduction on the hour, rather than the timeless Leon Britton.
Wajdi a dit Soudan import intrants de production de fer chaque annee de plus de 300 millions de dollars en declarant que pour l'industrie du fer concentration doit etre plus de 60% tandis que la quantite de petrole brut doit etre plus grand de 10 millions tonnes d'etablir une usine d'une capacite de 500 mille tonnes par an.
I just BACKED off," said Fer, talKing of being surrounded by furious Bluebirds at his UNSPORTSMANLIKE gesture.
But instead of passing the ball back to the Bluebirds from the throw-in, Fer put it into the back of the net instead.
Hughton had said he was "sure" Fer was playing the ball back to Marshall in a bid to excuse the Dutchman.
But Dutchman Fer put it in the net instead, sparking fury from raging Cardiff stars.
Hussein Zakariya, president de l'organisme, indique que les pertes sont dues au barrage des chemins de fer qui empeche la circulation des wagons commerciaux et des trains de transport, au refus des passagers de payer les tarifs de transport vu la propagation du vandalisme et l'absence du facteur securitaire.
Fer, whose father was a football international for Netherlands Antilles and his mother a top baseball player, has been with Feyenoord since he was nine.
a) fer serique circulant mobilisable par la moelle osseuse pour l'erythropoiese
Shoo peered at t' brochure fer a few minnits an' sed: "Ther looks ter be some reight good 'olidays in 'ere.
But his misgivings about the changed going proved unfounded as Putup Or Shutup battled to victory in the maiden hurdle, while Homme de Fer landed the three-mile handicap chase.