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la) on the 2 soils Pod1 and Fer1 indicates that 10 times more FAP 1 than lime is required to increase the soil pH by an equivalent amount.
The effect on plant growth, expressed as the mass of plant dry matter in Pod1 and Fer1, as a result of the application of FA1 or FAP1 is shown in Fig.
The calculated increase in the acid-extractable Cu in the FAP/ soil mixtures as a result of application of 5% w/w FAP ranged from ~1.2 times for the Fer1 and For2 soils, to 2.7 times for the Pod2b soil, and 4-5 times for the Pod1 and Pod2a soils (Table 2).
The Fer1 and Pod1 soils had TCLP Ni levels of ~6 [micro]g/L, with no significant difference between the FAP-and lime-amended soils and no dependence on pH (Table 2).
The level of TCLP As in the FAP-amended soils at about pH 6 increases in the order Pod2b < Fer2 < Pod2a < Fer1 < Pold1.
The level of TCLP Fe in the FAP-amended soils (110, 40, 3, 600, and 230 [micro]g/L for Pod1, Fer1, Pod2a, Pod2b, and Fer2, respectively) is approximately in the reverse order to the As levels at ~pH 6 (Fer2 < Pod2b < Fer1 < Pod1 < Pod2a).