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FERAFederal Emergency Relief Administration
FERAFood and Environment Research Agency (UK)
FERAForeign Exchange Regulation Act (India)
FERAFraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009
FERAFire and Environmental Research Applications
FERAFederated Enterprise Reference Architecture
FERAFrame Error Rate Analysis
FERAFire and Explosion Risk Analyses
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Remind employees that FCA includes substantial civil and even criminal penalties, so it is smart to assume that FERA applies.
Although FERA expanded the scope of federal fraud, waste and abuse enforcement mechanisms, diligence on the part of all those involved can help avoid liability.
FERA contends that without the Media I & Media II programs and the EU's quota system, Europe's film and television industries would have collapsed in the 1990s.
While short-lived, the FSA and FERA programs represent a significant advance in federal government involvement in health care financing and administration.
Gone are the days of searching for a misplaced catalog and then racking your brains trying to remember what you wanted to buy when you were at that trade show months ago,” says Eric Tung, president of FERA.
Yet, more profoundly, it's also a message that we're committed to evolving with a changing industry, and that we care deeply about the experience buyers have when they interact with FERA.
FERA plans to fully launch its NuORDER sales venue with its F-W 13-14 collection.
At FERA, our mission is to create stylish active clothing with incredible fit and design integrity.
FERA began in 1978, when founder Betty Tung realized the American ski industry was booming but that American ski fashion was decidedly not.
Today, FERA continues to build on a tradition of design and manufacturing excellence in the hands of Betty's children, Eric & Patty.
Finally, FERA deplores the circulation of misnomers regarding the performance of the European film industry, pointing out that the success of the American industry is built on a small number of films.