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FERALFeline Education, Rescue & Adoption League
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Feral cat proof fence designed and aligned New technology (grooming) traps trialled over 50 days show they effectively target feral cats, and distinguished them from 15 non-target species.
We investigated space use of feral hogs in the Texas Panhandle (northern Texas) by examining home range and core area sizes and the relative use and selection of available habitat types.
org/tags/feral+cats/) feral cats  on mammals.
Keough said in a statement the new law "will open a whole new industry towards eliminating the growing population of feral hogs in the State of Texas.
It is estimated there are in excess of 200,000 feral cats throughout Ireland.
Forty-seven rangers were placed last year, and Smith expects more once the nonprofit center increases the capacity of its 2nd Chance Feral Ranch.
Greenhill estimates that there are between 15,000 and 20,000 feral cats in Lane County.
Our trail camera data indicate there might be behavioral dominance occurring at small natural water sources by feral horses over elk.
How did the feral hog population expand so rapidly across rivers, mountain ranges, etc.
Most feral cats prefer the freedom of a working life to a comfortable lap in suburbia," she said.
Inspector John Lawson said the cat was feral and had since been neutered.
Internationally there are certain recommendations to deal with stray and feral dogs, which pose serious human health, animal health and welfare problems and cause socio-economic, political and religious problems.