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FERCFederal Energy Regulatory Commission
FERCFédération de l'Education de la Recherche et de la Culture (French: Federation of Educational Research and Culture)
FERCFinancial Econometrics Research Centre (UK)
FERCForeign Exchange Remittance Card (Pakistan)
FERCFoundation for the Education of Rural Children (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
FERCFEMA Emergency Response Capability
FERCForeign Economic Relations Commission (Shanghai, China)
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Applebaum, Brecher and Dennis recognize that FERC instituted the NAV policy as a part of its efforts to bring transparency to the enforcement program.
Tamara Young-Alien, FERC spokesperson, said the commission, which must ensure that pipeline rates are "just and reasonable," has made no decision on whether it will respond to the letter.
Even if FERC approves the next two Oregon projects, the state will only grant the necessary local permits to one of the three Oregon projects.
Among the problems FERC seeks to ameliorate through its SMD are: the balkanized American transmission grid that limits access to cheaper power in many areas, pricing that doesn't reflect the true value of generating assets, and the lack of demand responsiveness at the retail customer level.
FERC states that for purposes of ferreting out potential market manipulation, it is important to explore relationships that extend beyond corporate affiliation.
Protecting consumers against unjust and unreasonable rates is a fundamental responsibility of the commission under the Natural Gas Act," says FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff.
In the report, FERC confirms that its investigation and enforcement priorities for FY2015 and the foreseeable future will continue to focus on matters involving fraud and market manipulation, serious violations of reliability standards, anticompetitive conduct, and conduct that threatens the transparency of regulated markets.
are the three LNG applications sitting at FERC at the moment.