FERETFace Recognition Technology
FERETFacial Recognition Technology
FERETFast Environmental Regulatory Evaluation Tool
FERETFree Energy Relationship for Electron Transfer
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The FERET evaluation methodology for face-recognition algorithms.
The FERET Evaluation Methodology for Face-Recognition Algorithms, 22 IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 10 (2000), http://vww.
Datasets # samples # features # class ORL 400 1024 40 YALE 165 1024 15 FERET 420 1024 70 TABLE 3: Clustering performance on local noise contaminated datasets.
More information about the FERET program or the FRVT 2000 evaluations can be found at www.
A FERET type of initiative would be beneficial to this type of research.
Experiments were performed on FERET dataset [11] using LBP and GDP in matlab.
FERET facilitates the analysis of regulatory alternatives to improve the environment, health, and safety.
SVM-based gender classification methods were investigated by Moghaddan et al [2], which could achieve more than 96% accuracy on "Thumbnails" face images from FERET database.
FERET database consisting of 6000 faces, 500 eyes were used for training.
We use the FERET and Extended Yale B face databases to test the proposed method, and the creating of the cascaded classifier is the same as the way in Section 5.
The performance of the S2DPCA method is evaluated on two benchmark face databases, FERET and Olivetti Research Laboratory (ORL) databases.