FERFFar End Receive Failure
FERFFinancial Executives Research Foundation
FERFFergus Elora Rotary Foundation (Canada)
FERFFar End Reporting Failure
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The unique research FERF publishes draws from the experience of FEI members, and financial leaders in many industries, to provide in-depth analysis on the latest accounting and finance topics that matter most to you and your profession.
The FERF study recommended that, at a minimum, an SAR should state that the audited financial statements, including the auditor's report, are available in Form 10-K.
The sixth annual benchmarking report by FERF and Robert Half is based on a survey of nearly 1,400 financial executives.
This report, a partnership between FERF and Infor, highlights some of the challenges and effects of today's highly regulated business environment and offers solutions for compliance that companies can employ.
2) Tom Haller (FEI Director); Mary Jo Green (Past FEI Chair and FERF Trustee); Paul Chase (VP & CFO, FEI).
If you would like to participate in survey, please visit our "survey and tools" page under FERF publication on www.
As part of its mission, FERF provides knowledge and insight to FEI members and the broader financial community.
FERF tracks the number of downloads by title, to help shape our research agenda.
FERF research reports receive both national and local press coverage, which shows how each FEI member contributes to the profession.