FERGForest Ecosystem Research Group (Ireland)
FERGFluids and Environmental Research Group (Robert Gordon University; Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)
FERGFire and Emergency Response Group (Australia)
FERGFish Endocrinology Research Group (UK)
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Rajiv Raipancholia, FERG Treasurer, said they will cascade the information from the training to all the staff at exchange houses.
FERG data registers an uptick in money exchange transactions during the slow summer months - powered by outbound travellers from the country.
Herman Gibb, chair of the FERG Task Force on Chemicals in Food and lead author of the F1000Research paper, said: "The burden of disease associated with foodborne chemicals is a critical public health issue and assessment of this issue is urgently needed.
While working towards a strong, healthy and regulated remittance sector across the UAE, FERG also seeks to benefit its members in various ways.
FERG is committed to completely stamping out grey areas and unethical practices in the remittance and exchange sector.
FERG comprises more than 30 internationally renowned experts in a broad range of disciplines relevant to global foodborne disease epidemiology.
During his welcome speech, FERG Chairman Osama Al Rahma conveyed his tribute to the members' efforts in creating a robust remittance and exchange industry in the UAE.
Raipancholia's presentation was followed by audited Financial Statement for the year 2014, presentation of the estimated accounts 2015 and Budget set for 2016 including the allocation of social responsibility clause by the Treasurer of FERG, Mr.
Despite the digital trend still germinating, Shetty said FERG is already taking steps to set regulations against cyber crime.
FERG currently has 61 members, who jointly control over 85 per cent of the exchange and remittance business in the UAE, estimated at AED 110 billion.
At FERG, we are calling for strengthening the monitoring process through enhanced analytics and financial intelligence data," said Al Rahma.
Millions of dirhams as a rebate remained unpaid since August 2011 by the Government of Pakistan," FERG claimed in a statement to Khaleej Times.