FERKFundacja Edukacji Rynku Kapita (Polish: Foundation for Capital Market Education)
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In this year of memories, when historical studies and new evaluations of the circumstances leading to the outbreak of World War I in 1914 abound, a historical novel by Austrian-Slovenian judge, poet, prose writer, and university lecturer Janko Ferk strikes a special note by walking a tightrope between contrasting opinions on the Sarajevo murders.
As a judge, Ferk speaks objectively, critical of both sides for mishandling court procedures for the mostly underage "perpetrators" following the murders.
Dealing mainly with Der Process, Janko Ferk stresses that the references to the 'Rechtsstaat' in the opening chapter, and to policemen as the state's representatives in the final one, throw into relief the 'unbekannte Rechtswissenschaft' on which Josef K.s trial is founded.
Ferk Rastko, 50, from Slovenia, had been skiing for the weekend with his 25-year-old son, also named Ferk.
Ferk Rastko, 50, of Slovenia, had been skiing with his 25-year-old son.
In addition, the House of Representatives will discuss this year's financial plan of the Regulatory Commission for Energy (FERK).
Ferk's research interests focus on many aspects of human resource management and management education, including workplace implications of commuter marriages, managing teams, and creating effective virtual teams.
Sie hei[Beta]en rote Dacher, / Mowen, Piazza im Licht." A similar view is expressed in Gerhard Kofler's "wei[Beta]er Orpheus": "ich wiederhole nur / und klage nicht an." Kofler writes in Italian, Janko Ferk in Slovene; and the book presents translations by the authors into German in each case.
These include among others Aflab (1990); Burki (1990); Chaudhry (1990); Ferks, Thomas and Tomesen (1989); Nadvi (1990); Kibria (1990) and Tomesen and Thomas (1992); Thomas et al.