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FERMILABFermi National Accelerator Laboratory
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But the intensity--the number of particles in each beam--rather than the energy may be most important if the Higgs boson has a relatively low mass, as many physicists suspect, says Fermilab physicist Dan Green.
In the long term, she said, Fermilab aims to increase access to opportunities with the private sector, especially local and small businesses.
Kurt Riesselmann, a spokesperson for Fermilab, says that despite this result, the Tevatron still leads the race to find other particles, such as the Higgs boson, because it has collected more data to sift through.
College of DuPage is proud to have long-standing relationships with both Argonne and Fermilab.
In a smaller Fermilab study, an experiment called MiniBooNE found a different kind of asymmetry between particles and antiparticles.
Fermilab scientists will explore the chilling effects of liquid nitrogen on everyday items and demonstrate its uses in electricity and magnetism.
The finding, reported at a Fermilab seminar May 14 and posted online at arXiv.
It's clear that the LHC is the new boy in town, but in two years running we're going to put Fermilab out of business," The BBC quoted operation group leader Mike Lamont, as saying.
Because of all the delays with the LHC, the Tevatron's operating life has already been extended two years, to 2011, and Fermilab scientists are closely watching the LHC's progress to determine whether they might keep the Tevatron working until 2012, said Joseph Incandela of the University of California, Santa Barbara.