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FERNEFoundation for Education and Research in Neurological Emergencies (University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Emergency Medicine)
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Ferne said that after having her baby daughter, fitness has been a way of getting 'me time' rather than losing weight for her.
Pals say Ferne has lost "a significant amount of weight" and is "having sleepless nights".
She told her story in an ITVBe documentary, Ferne McCann: First Time Mum, broadcast a month after Collins was convicted.
To mark the occasion, Ferne and Vicky have filmed a special promo of themselves inside a sporty Fiat 500 wearing Thelma and Louise style outfits
The Two Pieces in this edition are subtitled In der Ferne (Far Away) and Die Jagd (The Hunt).
Sexy reality TV star Ferne McCann is showing off her super-toned body in this sizzling Valentine's Day photoshoot.
Beethoven: Urtext, An die ferne Geliebte fur Singstimme und Klavier, Op.
Organiser Margaret Ferne said: "This really is something to get excited about.
The interiors of the House in Knightsbridge are fine by any standards, and there can be no doubting the success of buildings such as the Maitland Robinson Library at Downing College, Cambridge (which fits happily with Wilkins's architecture), Ferne Park, Dorset, and Richmond Riverside, Richmond-on-Thames, Surrey (which has worn well and compares favourably with Modernist solutions of similar size in almost every way).