FeRPFe(III)-reducing prokaryotes
FeRPFaculty Early Retirement Program
FeRPFamily Employment Readiness Program
FeRPFederal Emergency Response Plan
FeRPFamily Engagement Resource Providers
FeRPFusion Energy Research Program (University of California, San Diego)
FeRPfield-emission retarding-potential
FeRPFinal Exam Review Packet
FeRPFederal Emergency Radiological Plan
FeRPFederated Enterprise Resource Planning
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China's annual domestic support notifications (submitted only for 1999-2010, as of April 2017) calculate the price gap using an administered price of unmilled rice (an unprocessed product) but a FERP of milled rice (a higher-priced product).
The data gathered by the assessment team was used to populate most of the FEPP and FERP lists.
An example of FERP is something that can't be hauled away as a usable item (i.e., concrete pads, brick structures, or water and power infrastructure).
As FFC was short of funds and confined itself to only five schemes, so FERP asked ADB to fund the remaining 11 schemes estimated to cost Rs 1.7 billion.
The financial assistance provided under the Flood Emergency Reconstruction Project (FERP) will go towards rebuilding damaged national and provincial road networks, irrigation systems, and flood protection structures, kick-starting economic and livelihood activities.
The financial assistance provided under the Flood Emergency Reconstruction Project (FERP) which will be sent on rebuilding the damaged national and provincial road network, irrigation systems, and flood protection structures.
The different property disposal mechanisms include Foreign Excess Real Property (FERP) disposal, (10) or Contractor Inventory disposal, (11) which Captain Olson addresses in Herding Cats I.
Family Employment Readiness Programs (FERP) address job search challenges to spouses.
Hence the resultant FER of Bluetooth transmissions can be specified as FERGFSK x FERP where FERP is the polarization-imposed weighting factor.
These interventions are part of USAID funded FATA Economic Revitalization Programme (FERP), which means to provide sustainable livelihoods and income opportunities leading to long-term economic growth and contributing to resilience and economic revitalization of the newly merged districts of KP.
Provincial ADP(excluding FPA and FERP) 162,000.0 142,000.0