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FERRETFederal Electronic Research and Review Extraction Tool
FERRETFood Emergency Rapid Response and Evaluation Team (USDA)
FERRETFree Entity Relationship and Reverse Engineering Tool (computing)
FERRETFerret Enthusiasts Responsible Rescue and Education Team (Pennsylvania)
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If a chap lays hold o' your ferret, he won't be long before he hollows out a good un, he won't."
"I know the chap as owns the ferrets," said Bob, in a hoarse treble voice, as he shuffled along, keeping his blue eyes fixed on the river, like an amphibious animal who foresaw occasion for darting in.
"But, I say, Bob," said Tom, in a tone of deliberation, "ferrets are nasty biting things,--they'll bite a fellow without being set on."
But there are two things I fear above all else the whole world over, the hawk and the ferret -- for these bring great grief on me -- and the piteous trap wherein is treacherous death.
Most of all I fear the ferret of the keener sort which follows you still even when you dive down your hole.
First the abhorred ferret seized and killed one of them, catching him outside the hole; then ruthless men dragged another to his doom when by unheard-of arts they had contrived a wooden snare, a destroyer of Mice, which they call a trap.
Through the hotel office, past Hop Higgins lost in his dream of the raising of ferrets, he went and up into his own room.
They stopped up the ends of certain drains in the barn, into the other openings of which ferrets were inserted, and then stood silently aloof, with uplifted stakes in their hands, and an anxious little terrier (Mr.
There is a singular fascination in watching the eagerness with which the learned author ferrets out every circumstance which may throw discredit on his hero.
Ants' ways, beetles' ways, bees' ways, frogs' ways, birds' ways, plants' ways, gave him a new world to explore and when Dickon revealed them all and added foxes' ways, otters' ways, ferrets' ways, squirrels' ways, and trout' and water-rats' and badgers' ways, there was no end to the things to talk about and think over.
Robert Stuart, however, set out in a canoe with five men and an interpreter, ferreted out the wreckers in their retreat, and succeeded in wrestling from them their booty.
I therefore organized my Street Arab detective corps, and sent them systematically to every cab proprietor in London until they ferreted out the man that I wanted.