FESAFederal Endangered Species Act
FESAFire and Emergency Services Authority (Australia)
FESAFurther Education Society of Alberta (Alberta, Canada)
FESAFederation of European Shogi Associations (est. 1985)
FESAFrozen Embryo and Sperm Archive (UK)
FESAFédération des Entreprises Spécialisées de l'Automobile (French: Federation of Specialized Automobile Enterprises)
FESAFire and Emergency Services Administration (educational program)
FESAFacilities Engineering Support Agency
FESAFédération Européenne des Syndicats Agrobiologistes (French: European Federation of Agrobiologist Trade Unions)
FESAFacilities Engineering Support Activity
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Mr Logan told assembled dignitaries, including former government ministers that worked with the Commissioner, that Mr Gregson had transformed FESA into a professional and future-focused organisation.
The FESA was built in the context of a larger study about risk and protective factors among Chilean adolescents.
Similarly, the FESA and many other outdated laws are in need of major modernization to reflect the demands of a new, more diverse economy.
FESA warned residents to leave their properties or make preparations to defend them from the blaze.
FlexSystem conducted a live product demonstration of FESA Property and everyone in attendance could better understand the benefits of a professional property management system (PMS) in several aspects including management of property portfolio, tenant, lease, billing and payment, etc.
The State Government has welcomed the City of Perth s decision last night to approve a Westin Hotel development application on the old FESA House and Perth Chest Clinic site in Hay Street, Perth.
The company that brought, FlexAccount, the professional financial and accounting management business solutions to Asia, FlexSystem has now released a new version FESA FlexAccount v12, a financial and accounting software for steaming and automating business practice.
The four contracts were awarded to The Oxford Partnership, a consortium comprisingActivate Learning,GEMS Education Solutions and Moulton College;Hertvec, a consortium led byHertford Regional College; Lincoln College; and FESA, a consortium of UK colleges and training providers.
FESA, a consortium of leading UK colleges and training providers
Directors from respective sections of the Ministry of Education Fiji presented their paper on primary and secondary education, Curriculum Advisory Services and Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Examinations and Assessment Unit, Asset Monitoring Unit, Fiji Higher Education, Fiji Teacher Registration Board (TRB) and Fiji Education Staffing Appointments FESA .