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5 million in fees early last year -- at a time when the money should have remained in FESA for payment of claims.
Under the management contract, FRP has managed the affairs of Fertiberia on a cost-reimbursable basis on behalf of and in cooperation with FESA and the Spanish Government, which is a major creditor of Ercros, FESA and Fertiberia.
Other interests were on process of teacher registration and challenges in maintaining a FESA.
In 1996, FESA was founded and it functions as as non-profit organization investing in the techno-scientific, cultural and social fields.
Drafters of the bill later introduced as the Parental and Disability Leave Act of 1985, which would later become the FMLA, "were in full agreement with the original FESA supporters that any proposed leave legislation should be broad-based in coverage.
Specifically, no employer is liable under the FESA for any failure to include income or value from stock options or similar stock-based compensation programs obtained before the effective date of the law (generally, Aug.
The State Government has welcomed the City of Perth s decision last night to approve a Westin Hotel development application on the old FESA House and Perth Chest Clinic site in Hay Street, Perth.
FESA has warned the bushfire could possibly threaten the nearby suburb of Karnup, which it is approaching.
FESA said it is thought a resident from the Toodyay area is receiving treatment for burns at the Royal Perth Hospital.
On display will be two machines from their partner companies Schib of Italy and FESA of Spain.
The company that brought, FlexAccount, the professional financial and accounting management business solutions to Asia, FlexSystem has now released a new version FESA FlexAccount v12, a financial and accounting software for steaming and automating business practice.
Fesas has more than 17 years of technical expertise and leadership in local area network (LAN) software development, including I/O subsystem design in networking protocols, device drivers, operating systems issues, system interfaces and chip direct memory access (DMA) architectures.