FESACFusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (DoE)
FESACFederal Economic Statistics Advisory Committee
FESACFoundation for European Societies of Arms Collectors (Malta)
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A report to the Federal Economic Statistics Advisory Committee (FESAC) summarizing the major work of the committee was presented in June 2001.
Dehmer constrained FESAC in how to structure the report by asking them "to assess priorities among continuing and potential new FES program investments within three program categories:
In an April 13, 2012 letter to FESAC, DOE Office of Science Director William Brinkman, to whom FESAC reports, asked the FESAC to assess "priorities among and within the elements of the magnetic fusion program." However, Brinkman told FESAC that their assessment should not include the priority of ITER within the program nor non-tokamak elements such as High Energy Density Laboratory Physics (HEDLP) and General Plasma Science.
FES AC established a panel under the chairmanship of FESAC member Bob Rosner (U.
Brinkman gave the FESAC no target date to complete the study but sources indicate FESAC hopes to complete the study by the end of this summer.
In a letter to DOE Office of Science Director William Brinkman, FESAC chair Martin Greenwald wrote: "It is clear that the community is upset about the current budget trajectory and the potential impact on our domestic program." Greenwald said "I felt that it was important for you to understand the views expressed by the committee without delay." He said that the FESAC had voted 17-0, with 2 recusals and 1 absent to tell him that "The committee objects to the theme/impression that these cuts leave the program relatively unscathed and strongly cautions against claims of impactful potential at this level or lower without real study and discussion." The FESAC statement says "the damage is real" and the "portent for the future is even more threatening."
Several members of FESAC expressed concern that the current U.S strategy of planning to send U.S.
More recently, Martin Greenwald has been appointed as Chair of the Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC).
July 28 Public Meeting of DOE Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC).
This committee is the direct antecedent of the current DOE Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC).
Findings from the 2003 FESAC report: "A Plan for the Development of Fusion Energy" - Robert Goldston, Michael Campbell Perspectives from OSTP - Steve Fetter Perspectives from DOE Office of Science - Bill Brinkman
At the DOE Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC) meeting March 10, Glen Wurden (Los Alamos National Laboratory) pointed out to the Committee that the DOE Office of Fusion Energy Sciences had recently issued a solicitation for proposals in the Innovative Confinement Concepts (ICC) program that, he said, "substantially changes the nature and intent of the ICC program." Specifically he noted the following statement(s) in the solicitation: