FESALFinancial and Enterprise Sector Adjustment Loan (World Bank)
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SNARED Fesal Mahamud, left, and gang pal Mahad Yusuf were jailed for total of 19yrs under slavery law
Company, Naser City, Egypt, and Oligo-X algal (blue-green algal extracts in liquid phase) produced by the Arabian Group for Agricultural Service, 114 King Fesal Street, Giza, Egypt, were used in the present study.
Company, Naser City, Egypt, and Arabian Group for Agricultural Service, 114 King Fesal Street, Giza, Egypt," that might lead to a conflict of interests.
of women aged 15-19 El Salvador 1988 FESAL 3,579 [dagger] 753 1993 FESAL 6,207 1,157 1998 FESAL 12,634 2,297 2002-2003 FESAL 10,689 1,839 Guatemala 1987 DHS 5,160 [dagger] 1,182 1995 DHS 12,403 2,949 1998-1999 DHS 6,021 1,403 2002 ENSMI 9,155 1,601 Honduras 1991-1992 ENESF 7,521 [dagger] 1,884 1996 ENESF 7,505 1,456 2001 ENESF 8,362 1,512 2005-2006 DHS 19,948 4,566 Nicaragua 1992-1993 ENSSF 7,150 1,251 1998 DHS 13,634 3,357 2001 DHS 13,060 3,146 2006-2007 DHS 14,221 2,611 [dagger] women aged 15-44.
Our study examines population-based, nationally representative data from surveys in two Central American countries: the El Salvador National Family Health Survey, 2002-2003 (FESAL) (21), and the Guatemala National Maternal and Child Health Survey, 2002 (ENSMI) (22).
The ENSMI 2002 and FESAL 2002-2003 asked survey participants whether they had witnessed physical violence between their parents during childhood.
(7.) Asociacion Demografica Salvadore[n~]a (ADS) and CDC, Encuesta Nacional de Salud Familiar (FESAL 2002/03), Informe Final, San Salvador, El Salvador: ADS, 2004.
Mahad Yusuf, aged 20, and 19-year-old Fesal Mahamud, both from north London, pleaded guilty to trafficking for the purposes of exploitation when they appeared at Swansea Crown Court.
Fesal Aidarus, 19, was shown rapping in sickening videos about women after raping a schoolgirl en route to a fireworks display in Erdington.
"Men are from Boulaq and Women are from Awel Fesal" is a human project that tackles the relationship between two Egyptian married couples "Hind" and "Hindawy" shedding lights on the problems that may face them throughout their lives, starting from the engagement ring, the wedding night passing through some important subjects such as betrayal, jealousy, women's work and many others.