FESCIFédération Estudiantine et Scolaire de Côte d'Ivoire (French: Student Federation of the Ivory Coast; Ivory Coast)
FESCIFederation of the European Societies of Chemotherapy and Infection
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(31) Youth and student associations such as the FESCI and later the Jeunes Patriotes played a major role in the civil war.
From the 1990s onwards he held several leading positions within the student federation the FESCI and in the 'patriotic galaxy'.
His expressions and performances of being 'youth' recalled the time when he was still a FESCI activist, and reframed this experience in the light of the more recent Jeunes Patriotes movement and projected it into the future.
In early 2013, about a year and a half after the fall of the Gbagbo regime, Charles Ble Goude, the leader of the Jeunes Patriotes and former secretary general of the FESCI, was arrested in Ghana and deported to Cote d'Ivoire.
The 1990 wave of African democratizations, which saw the rise of the FESCI and which would later be celebrated as the birth of a 'new generation' and the beginning of a 'second independence' by Gbagbo and his supporters, was seen by Memel-Fote as the beginning of a new (democratic) era of anti-patrimonial politics: 'The time of the fathers of the nation has passed ...
(22) On the history of the FESCI and the internal divisions and different camps since its foundation in 1990, see Amaut (2004: 316-88) and Banegas (2007).
(33) Other members of the organizing committee also came from the realm of the patriotic youth and political students organizations, such as Yao Koffi, who had been vice secretary general of the FESCI.
(2003) 'Les enfants de la balle: de la Fesci aux mouvements des patriotes', Politique africaine 89: 49-70.