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FESEFederation of European Securities Exchanges (Belgium)
FESEFederation of European Stock Exchanges
FESEFree European School of Economics (Switzerland)
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For example, under the current FESE table two --used by most MTFs -- a stock movement from a[logical not]10 to a[logical not]10.
Speaking at a recent FESE conference, Olivier Lefebvre, vice-president of Euronext, said that he would be "very circumspect" at this stage.
All investors want to hide their trading intentions, but discover the intentions of others, which is why transparency needs to be tightly controlled by regulators," says Burcak Inel, deputy secretary general at FESE.
European exchanges are currently facing crucial regulatory changes, and it is an honour to have been elected president of the FESE and have this seat throughout this important period," said Jochumsen.
Its founding fathers were the main European lobby groups representing accounts preparers and users and banking and financial service-sector groups, namely, UNICE (industry and employers), FEE (accountancy industry), CEA (insurance), FBE, ESBG and GEBC (credit and banking), FESE (stock exchanges), EFFAS (financial analysts), UEAPME and EFFA (small businesses).
FESE has said that all of its members, which include the likes of Deutsche Borse, Nasdaq OMX and NYSE Euronext, have committed to both making post-trade data free to all users after 15 minutes and unbundling pre- and post-trade data products.
The FESE study (entitled "The Effect of the Introduction of a Threshold in the new EU Prospectus Directive") was requested independently by British MEP Chris Huhne (ELDR, UK) and by the European Commission to settle their dispute over the Commission's proposal to update the original Prospectus Directive.