FESIFree Ecma Script Interpreter
FESIFonds d'Entraide et de Solidarité Internationale (French: Assistance Fund and International Solidarity)
FESIFederation of the European Sporting Goods Industry
FESIFédération Européenne des Syndicats d'Entreprises d'Isolation (French: European Federation of Trade Unions Business Insulation)
FESIFederacion Espanola de Sociedades de Informatica (Spain)
FESIField-Enhanced Sample Injection
FESIForum for Engineering Structural Integrity (UK)
FESIFamily Economic Security Initiative (Californians for Economic Security)
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Based on the experimental analysis of carbide slag, assume that the mass concentrations of Ca[(OH).sub.2] and FeSi were defined, respectively, as [[omega].sub.1] = 0.85 and [[omega].sub.2] = 0.15 and the density was defined as [[rho].sub.1] = 2.234 t/[m.sup.3] and [[rho].sub.2] = 3.2 t/[m.sup.3].
--the charges 3 and 4 were treated with smaller quantities (identical for two charges) of nodulizing modifier, FeSiMgCe(RE) and with the same amount of graphitizing modifier (as for charges 1 and 2): FeSi - charge 3 and FeSiSr charge 4.
Whereas FeSi melts predictably like any metallic charge material, SiC does not melt.
Contact: FESI, website http://www.powersources.net.
The furnace additions were SiC containing 67.9% Si and 30% C or 75% FeSi containing 76% Si.
The most prominent post-inoculant being used is a foundry grade 75% FeSi with greater than 0.8% calcium (Ca) and 1.0-1.25% aluminum (Al).
But a spokesman for the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) said "taxing Chinese and Vietnamese shoe imports is a serious setback for the competitiveness of the European footwear industry and will lead to unjustifiable price increases for European consumers".
The new ferrosilicon (FeSi) alloy contains levels of calcium (Ca) and cerium (Ce) that are adjusted to minimize chill formation and neutralize subversive trace elements in the iron.
FESI has called for sports shoes, technically defined as special technology athletic footwear (STAF), to be excluded from the scope of the Commission's current anti-dumping investigation into imports of leather shoes from China and Vietnam.