FeSLFedora Security Layer (software)
FeSLFundamental Evangelical Softball League (Pennsylvania)
FeSLFoxglove Energy Supply Limited (UK)
FeSLFoi, Espérance, Service a Dieu et Liberté (French: Faith, Hope, Service to God and Freedom)
FeSLFlint Energy Services LTD
FeSLFoothills Energy Services, Ltd. (Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada)
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In addition the amounts being stolen are also much higher than they were in previous years," the Daily Mail quoted Fesl, as saying.
Most other sources--including Howitt (1880), Mathews (1907), Tindale (1940, 1974) and Fesl (1985) but excluding Jemmy Lawson (in Howitt Papers SLV; Wesson 1994, 2000, 2002)--attribute a strip of coastal land between the Snowy River and Point Hicks or Wingan Inlet to Krauatangalung.
During the twentieth century, Norman Tindale, Luise Hercus, Robert (Bob) Dixon, Eve Fesl, Kym Thompson, Ian Clark and Sue Wesson have all conducted research into delineating Aboriginal language areas in far eastern Victoria.
After the FESL had spent ` 15 crore on buying the Mahindra vehicles, the health and family welfare department initiated a move to scrap the agreement in January.
Fesl, in "The Language of Difference," uses prose, poetry and rhetoric to depict Aboriginal social and cultural practices before the British invasion and the suppression of Aborigines and Aboriginality.
These three honorees join past inductees Brian McBride, Tom Nelson, Dave Corzine, Tom Zbikowski, Mike Myers, Brandon Harwell, Scott Kelley, Luke Fabrizius, Ben Brust, Megan Fesl, Abby Fesl, Annie Fesl, Erin Rodriguez, Katelyn Prorok, Gillian Falknor, Andrea DiPrima, Patrick Hyde, Nell Boyd, Mark Woodsum and Chris Nowinski.
Others are even more macabre, such as Mackenzie sit down 'poisoned flour', after one of the `squatters' who found poison a useful `weapon used by the British side in the colonial wars' (p 130; see also Fesl 1993).
Kaburov is only 181 kills shy of former Notre Dame standout Megan Fesl's record of 1,141.
(Joanie) Fesl told me that there would be bumps in the road.
It includes Abby Fesl (2009 graduate), Chris Nowinski (1992) and Mark Woodsum (2001).