FESOFederation of Eller Student Organizations (est. 2003; Eller College; University of Arizona)
FESOFinal Engineering Sign Off
FESOField and Emergency Support Office (World Food Program; UN)
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Two liquid formulations were tested: MS (MURASHIGE; SKOOG, 1962) and Y3 (EEUWENS, 1976), both modified by FeEDTA FeSO.7HO (27.85 mg [L.sup.-1]), [Na.sub.2]EDTA (37.35 mg [L.sup.-1]) and supplemented with Morel vitamins (2 mL [L.sup.-1]) (MOREL; WETMORE, 1951).
Chiwome shows that there are several instances when manuscripts were rejected or doctored by the Rhodesia Literature Bureau because they dealt with sensitive issues, and he gives examples of books such as Solomon Mutswairo's Feso (1956), E.M.
Fermentation technique: Twenty five milliliters of the fermentation medium consisting of (%, w/v); (NH 4 ) 2 SO 4, 0.14: KH 2 PO 4, 0.20; Urea, 0.03; MgSO 4, .7H 2 0, 0.03; ZnSO 4 .7H 2 O, 0.00014; FeSO 4 .7H 2 O, 0.0005; MnSO 4 0.00016; CoCl 2 , 0.0002; CaCl 2 , 0.0002; Tween-80, 2.0 ml; Polypeptone, 0.10; and sugarcane bagasse, 1 (pH 6.0) was transferred to the individual 250 ml cotton wool plugged conical flasks and autoclaved at 15 lb/inch 2 for 15 min.
A fase de coleta de dados teve inicio com a apresentacao e discussao dos objetivos da pesquisa e do questionario com a equipe de entrevistadores (alunos dos cursos de medicina e enfermagem da FESO) e a coordenacao da Estrategia de Saude da Familia.
"In 1957," President Mugabe said, "Mutsvairo published a short but pregnant novel called Feso which carried a deeply nationalist and, therefore, 'subversive' lamentation called 'Nehanda Nyakasikana'.
Mutswairo's first novel, Feso (1956), was later banned by government censors; he published his English version of the novel in 1974.
The first song to get such treatment was ~Mbuya Nehanda Nyakasikana', a lament to Ambuya Nehanda, a widely-recognized spirit who deals with warfare and rain, contained in Solomon Mutswairo's novel Feso.
All published books had to use the 1955 orthography for example as in Feso by S.