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FESTALFédération Syndicale du Teillage Agricole du Lin (French)
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Life figures itself to me as a festal or funereal procession.
It looked deserted, in fact, festal and overlighted, but cheerful.
Presently tea was ready and we gathered around the festal board--a board literally as well as figuratively, for Peg's table was the work of her own unskilled hands.
In the mean-while all the shore rang with the trump of bullfrogs, the sturdy spirits of ancient wine-bibbers and wassailers, still unrepentant, trying to sing a catch in their Stygian lake -- if the Walden nymphs will pardon the comparison, for though there are almost no weeds, there are frogs there -- who would fain keep up the hilarious rules of their old festal tables, though their voices have waxed hoarse and solemnly grave, mocking at mirth, and the wine has lost its flavor, and become only liquor to distend their paunches, and sweet intoxication never comes to drown the memory of the past, but mere saturation and waterloggedness and distention.
The Gothic church plainly originated in a rude adaptation of the forest trees, with all their boughs, to a festal or solemn arcade; as the bands about the cleft pillars still indicate the green withes that tied them.
On the festal day he arrived exactly at eleven o'clock, direct from Mass.
Beholding them on the horizon, myself and all the people will know that you are coming back victorious, and will welcome you with such a festal uproar as Athens never heard before.
Blowfish uses large key-dependent S-boxes and 16-round Festal cipher.
Further again, there is a golden practice in the secular India that the President and the Prime Minister on the national level and the Chief Ministers and the Governors at the state levels extend festal greetings to the citizens of their respective area of operation on occasions of the leading festivals of all communities.
The English Concert's support was first rate as was their Chorus whose rollicking "Crown with festal pomp" was splendid.
Rubens drew his inspiration from a treasury of ecclesiastical traditions, but his festal, miraculous, yet also deeply human, altarpieces became in their turn a powerful source of reinforcement and renewal for the old faith" (274).
The four cornered arrangement of cowrie shells indicates the festal rank of the owner's ancestor [10].