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FETAFederation of Environmental Trade Associations (UK)
FETAFire Extinguishing Trades Association (UK)
FETAFrom Emotions to Advocacy (parental advocacy; special education; book)
FETAFirst European Transfer Agent SA
FETAForeign Exchange Transactions Act (South Korea)
FETAFully Executed Teaming Agreement (US federal contracting)
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4 Roast for 25 minutes, shaking the tray occasionally, until the tomatoes and figs have collapsed down a little and released some of their juices, and the feta is gold at the edges.
Put in a roasting tin with the seeds, chunks of feta and drizzle over 3 tbsp olive oil.
Crumble 4 tablespoons feta cheese over it and refrigerate.
Under the Canadian agreement, for example, new feta products manufactured in Canada can only be marketed as feta-like or feta-style, and they can't use Greek letters or other symbols that evoke Greece.
Mix together the mashed potato, butternut squash cabbage and feta cheese.
Divide the salad between 2 plates and scatter with the remaining feta cubes and peas.
00, President Spreadable Feta has a fresh and creamy texture that allows it to easily be spread on sandwiches, pitas, pizzas and vegetables, like cucumbers and tomatoes.
In addition, some are impossible to duplicate without impossible-to-get cultures and special caves, or in the case of feta, the native plants Greek sheep and goats graze on.
Most Greek feta is a combination of sheep and goat's milk, with the emphasis on the former.
Cut the feta into cubes and half or quarter the artichokes if they are too big.
Feta was awarded Protected Designation of Origin status, which means that from later this year only cheese made in Greece can be called Feta.