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Snell 'ud happen send the boy up to fetch and carry, for there may be things wanted from the doctor's.
They must fetch her away to the workhouse to-morrow.
It's also true that I was now setting out for this same place, to fetch the girl in to dinner, which brings us round happily to our former point, and starts us fair again on our way to the sands.
You're late for dinner, Rosanna--and I have come to fetch you in.
He again put it down to enchantment, and this time the Sultan believed him, and sent thirty men on horseback to fetch Aladdin in chains.
I have been waiting for 'ee to bide and keep house while I go fetch him.
Her mother's fetching simply meant one more to fetch.
Suppose 'm you no fetch 'm beer close up, I knock 'm eight bells 'n 'a dog-watch onta you.
I've counted it often enough; but I can fetch it, if you won't believe me.
Tulliver liked, in his gloomy life, to fetch the tin box and count the money.
Fetch, a London-based unit of Japan's Dentsu Inc, suggested that Uber dismissed its federal case on concern it might lose after it was assigned to Rogers, who has overseen other litigation involving the San Francisco-based company.
firefighters need special tools on their vehicles to save your four-legged friends life just as they do you," said Fetch Foundation founder Marie Peck.