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FETISHFederated European Tourism Information Systems Harmonisation
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The fetish of to-day is neither royalty nor religion.
It was the blunt-nosed Mugger of Mugger-Ghaut, older than any man in the village, who had given his name to the village; the demon of the ford before the railway bridge, came--murderer, man-eater, and local fetish in one.
The petitioner further accused his wife of being fetish and failed in her responsibility to take care of the children.
manc accused to fetish Derry Crown Court was told that in March of last year a court order was made against Kennedy banning him from entering any medical facility unless in a genuine emergency.
An African Kikulu fetish figure |wooden doll, c1891 Other unusual figures and statues are mainly of african origin and date back to the 19th century -.
Mark Johnston's exploration of the beard as a fetish object is a valuable contribution to the growing literature on the gender implications of the adornment and embellishment of the body in early modern English culture.
He chatted with the teenager, a Mexican girl called "Eva" said to be living in Germany, on a website called the Dark Fetish Network.
The jury has already heard how Bolinger, from Canterbury, Kent, met someone claiming to be a 14-year-old Mexican called Eva Gonza on the Dark Fetish Network site.
Exeter Crown Court heard that Truscott, formerly of Camborne, Cornwall, targeted the property over an eightyear period to indulge in his bizarre fetish.
During the trial of former New York police officer Gilberto Valle, testimony revealed that the cop had visited websites and chat rooms that promoted the sick fetish of murdering and eating women.
Have they developed a hand fetish by watching too much snooker?
WALES' students are increasingly selling their used underwear online in a saucy new cyber fetish to help fund themselves through university.