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FETISHFederated European Tourism Information Systems Harmonisation
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The fetish of to-day is neither royalty nor religion.
Art has never been their fetish. It's like breaking a few back windows in a man's house; whereas, if you want to make him really sit up, you must try at least to raise the roof.
It was the blunt-nosed Mugger of Mugger-Ghaut, older than any man in the village, who had given his name to the village; the demon of the ford before the railway bridge, came--murderer, man-eater, and local fetish in one.
People nowadays were too busy--busy with reforms and "movements," with fads and fetishes and frivolities--to bother much about their neighbours.
Barton, and I knew he had walked with you last night, for he is vowing by all his fetishes and idols that you are a perfectly splendid young man.
The fetish priest leader, who sustained various degrees of injury during exchange of fire with the security forces, has since remained at the Tamale Teaching Hospital under heavy arm guard.
When a resident inquired about the zoo on Facebook, one commented: "It's a local hotspot for people with fetish of people dressing up as animals.
'At the point of arrest, EFCC operatives recovered four different models and brands of exotic cars, five laptops, 20 telephones (10 iPhones) and one small bag containing items suspected to be fetish objects (juju) from them.
Sykes has been in the foot fetish business now for four years now and is able to earn APS100,000 a year (around P6.9 million).
It's just a fetish, there's nothing criminal about it and I'm not gay, but I don't know whether I should take it further.
"In Germany there cannot be a perpetual fetish for budget and trade surpluses, because they are always made at the expense of certain others," Macron said, adding that a north-south divide between wealthy and poorer nations that emerged during the financial crisis should not be allowed to resurface.