FEUAFakultas Ekonomi Universitas Andalas (Indonesian: Faculty of Economics, University of Andalas)
FEUAFractional Excretions of Uric Acid
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FEUA stands for Fractional Excretion of Uric Acid, and the index of FEUA was calculated as follows (Kong et al.
Abbreviations: mURAT1, mouse Urate Transporter 1; mGLUT9, mouse Glucose Transporter 9: mOAT1, mouse Organic Anion Transporter 1; mGAPDH, gIyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase; EtOH, ethyl alcohol; BuOH, n-butyl alcohol; HR-ES1-MS, high-resolution mass spectrometer; NMR, nuclear magnetic resonance; XOD, xanthine oxidase; UA, uric acid; Cr, creatinine; BUN, blood urea nitrogen; FEUA, fraction excretion of uric acid; NC, normal control.
Late-season skim milk led to a greater increase in FEUA, compared with either ultrafiltered skim milk or early-season skim milk, suggesting that the acute urate-lowering effect of orotic acid may explain these effects.