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FEUTFundamental Existence and Uniqueness Theorem (mathematics)
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Just as the encounter with the sibyl in chapter 17 begins with the statement of how long it takes for Epistemon and Panurge to arrive at her cave ["Leur chemin feut de troys journees." ("Their trip took three days.") [387; Frame 305]), so the beginning of chapter 18 tells how the two of them arrive back at Pantagruers court, part delighted and part displeased, delighted to be back but displeased due to the "travail du chemin" ("labor of the road") (390; Frame 308).
The narrator himself wavers, conjoining Panurge's mythical allusion ("Je croy que c'est le propre monstre marin qui feut jadis destine pour devorer Andromeda" [397, emphasis mine]) and Pantagruel's learned moniker ("des Physeteres, qui ne jettent qu'eau par les ouyes et par la gueule, ne doibvez paour aulcune avoir" (397, emphasis mine)) to create an oxymoron: "Pantagruel de loing apperceut un grand et monstrueux Physetere, venent droict vers nous" (395, emphasis mine).
But after Francois's death, Marguerite recalled not a tripartite familial unity but hers with him: "Mais, helas, mon corps est banny/Du sien, auquel il feut uny/Depuis le temps de nostre enfance!"(6) "Qui pleurera Francois que Margueritte,/Qui fit liee par enfance en son bers?/Las!
Ce feut (par la vertus Dieu) la couille ...(597) Because the Turks are not armed in this way, the implication may be that they are not adequately protected and are more open to castration than the French whose codpieces protect them.