FEWEFundacja Efektywnego Wykorzystania Energii (Polish: Foundation for Energy Efficiency)
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We here of fewe, whose fydelyte endure tyll their lyves end.
Noe clownish Bramble dares dwell nigh; But all base Shrubbes, which there are borne Doe learn good manners straight, and die: If any Broome there happes to bee, It chandges to some better Tree; Furz too and Thistles, in fewe daies, Doe turne to Eglantine and Baies.
Now so it is, Maie it please your Majestie, that my severall Voyages, and long staies in Newfoundland, have filled my observations, not onely with the formes of Fishing, the conveniency of places, both of erecting Storehouses, and strengthning that erection; as also for the number and their quality, necessarie for a Plantation but hath likewise enabled mee, to satisfie by a plaine demonstration, not onely your Majestie, but all your Graces subjects, desirous of the advancement of their Countries florishing state; how with a small stocke of Tenne thousand poundes, (for it is in comparison of the infinite it will produce) and the loane of a fewe Shippes, the Kingdome maie (in a fewe yeares) be enabled with more then three thousand <sayle of> Shippes.
Bale characterizes himself as part of a contemporary group carrying on this tradition and similarly seeking to preserve manuscripts, albeit through print, rather than by collection into libraries: "A fewe of us there be, that woulde gladly save the moste necessary monumentes of their dyspersed remnaunt.
(42) God goes on in the subsequent lines to connect this treason explicitly with humankind's preoccupation with material wealth: I profered the people grete multytude of mercy, And fewe there be that asketh it hertly.
This cynical precept seems to have been associated not with moneylenders, but with merchants: when in A Discourse of the Felicitie of Man; or, His Summum bonum (1598) Sir Richard Barckley attempts to show that "traffike of merchandize," like other worldly pursuits, is not a route to true happiness, he writes and what craft (an epytheton peculiar to them in time past, but now growne more generall) and deceit is vsed of manie of that trade, their own common prouerbe seemeth to discouer, That there needeth nothing but to turne their backe to God a fewe yeares, and a litle to inlarge the entrie into their conscience, to make them-selues rich, and to ouercome fortune.
This in fewe words conteyneth much matter, that is to wit, the one essence which God begetteth by the considering of knowing of himselfe, according to the patterne whereof he hath buylded the world.
Bartimeus Andrews, Dedham conference member, complained in 1583: "I have marked by experience within these fewe yeares, that many whom the Lord hath called to the love of his Gospel, from their former evil and civill life, that they have bene very diligent and painefull in hearing the worde, at the first ...
Fewe r than half of the facilities offered any type of prenatal care, and only 16 percent provided any pregnancy-related services beyond prenatal care alone, such as Lamaze classes, special diets, and policies for lighter work or no work.
Than after withyn fewe dayes the Sowdan sent ageyn the same Admirall and full solempne Messagers of the grettest and the most worthyest ofhys londe And in theyre Conduit .xij.
In theis fewe rude English wordes, are wrapt vp all the necessarie tooles and instrumentes, wherewith trewe Imitation is rightlie wrought withall in any tonge.