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FEZFinancieel Economische Zaken
FEZForeign Exchange Student (That 70s Show)
FEZFez, Morocco - Fez (Airport Code)
FEZFighter Engagement Zone
FEZFédération Européenne de Zootechnie (French: European Association for Animal Production)
FEZFlight Engagement Zone
FEZFunctional Element Zone
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Fez, who describes himself as "a director, bearded lady and performer", will wow audiences at Wales Millennium Centre this week as part of street theatre and cabaret festival Blysh.
It would be easy to spend your entire stay in the Amani, but outside its door is the true wonder of Fez, the Old Medina.
In this regard, the entry into the Customs Union will open up a huge market for the FEZ, as well as create new challenges since the requirements for the quality of goods will grow and intensify competition," the First Vice Prime Minister said.
The restoration works of the mosque of the properties of Moroccan Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs have lasted for 14 months under the general supervision of Heritage Installations Company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its implementation by the Agency for International Development and Rehabilitation for the City of Fez.
Fez may be better known as Morocco's historic centre of Islamic learning, but the modern-day university is a rare bastion of radical leftist students, where tensions are simmering after bloody clashes with Islamists.
Fez Hussain batted well with a knock of 20 but Cleveland eventually succumbed to the Durham attack.
Slat al Fassayine, the oldest synagogue in Fez, played a significant role in the spiritual life of Fez's once-30,000-strong Jewish community but had fallen into disrepair.
In fact it is through your subsequent games that you will start to appreciate the brilliance of Fez.
The White Knights defeated Moghreb Fez 2-0, thanks to goals from Ahmed Hassan and Ahmed Gaafar.
HAT A BOY Adel Taarabt celebrates the QPR opener by sporting a fez
Techniques of banking, insurance, human resources management, international accounting, software development, database administration, are all areas in which the Fez Institute will be a partner in skills, whether for initial or continuing training for the all firms that will do their business at Fez Shore.
In Fez, clients visit Fez el-Bali (OOld FezO), one of the most ancient and untouched city neighborhoods in the world.