FF12Final Fantasy XII (video game)
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SUCCESS RATES Ff11 Ff12 Ff13 Experiment1 %95 %90 %92 Experiment2 %93 %92 %94 Experiment3 %95 %88 %95 Experiment4 %94 %80 %95 Experiment5 %92 %82 %95 Experiment6 %94 %84 %90 Experiment7 %94 %84 %95 Experiment8 %94 %83 %94 Experiment9 %95 %84 %91 Experiment10 %95 %86 %94 Average %94,1 %85,3 %93,5 TABLE XI.
First, we construct a dummy variable that is equal to one if the newly appointed director has any type of work experience in the FF12 industry of the appointing company [Industry exp.
We translate these four-digit SIC codes into FF12 industry codes and compare them to FF12 industry of the appointing firms to determine whether an outside director on the board has work experience in the same industry.
Of our 688 director announcements, 374 (54.4%) directors have work experience in the same FF12 industry as the company they are joining.
Table II presents the FF12 industry distribution of the companies appointing the 688 directors in our sample.
He has the highest total of winners (147) and is lying second to Fabre in the prize-money table, with Ff12.4m (pounds 1.25m).
Top buyer was Peter Doyle, who picked up 14 yearlings for aa aggregate of Ff12.5 million (pounds 1.25m).
Dow commented: "At least we're taking back Ff12,000 (around pounds 1240) for finishing in fifth."
But even the Ff12,000 (pounds 1,291) prize for last place should cover the travel costs for her connections.