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FF3Firefox 3 (Mozilla Web Browser)
FF3Final Fantasy 3 (video game)
FF3Final Fight 3 (video game)
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FF3 delivers, and that's about all that any fan of the series needs to hear when they consider buying.
The estimated coefficients of the capitation area by post-capitation time period interaction variables provide the relative probabilities of service use for subjects in the capitated areas after capitation relative to the FF3 subjects.
As a baseline specification, we use FF3, which is the FF dummy that takes a value of one when we observe at least three consecutive periods in which the firm is classified as SDC.
Evidence from Panel B is very similar to that in Panel A although the results stemming from an FF defined on the basis of very small deviations, FF(5%), seems to yield the smallest economic impact of FF3.
For instance, the corresponding value for FF3 in Table IV is 45.
FF1 groups together all technical capabilities and entrepreneurial skills, FF2 is clearly defined and picks up the four forms of learning connected with innovation, and FF3 consists of managerial skills.
Fwaya Fwaya 3 (FF3) - Work on the separate FF3 pit commenced in February 2010.
s (Merrill Lynch) FF3 billion Eurobond offering 'AA' (Double-A).
As part of its ongoing exploration programme a new pit, named FF3, has been identified for bulk sampling.
LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton has reported net profits for 1992 of FF3.
TEAM FF3 - Tanner Foust, Samuel Hubinette, Rich Rutherford, TEAM DRIFT ALLIANCE - Vaughn Gittin Jr.
an exceptional charge of approximately FF3 billion, of which FF2 billion corresponds to the depreciation of certain assets linked to plans to refocus the businesses (the divestment or discontinuation of certain activities), and FF1 billion in costs linked to environment issues brought about by withdrawing from these businesses.