FF4Final Fantasy IV (game)
FF4Ferguson Formula Four
FF4Factor Four (pressure switches for precision application in water and air technology)
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Comparing the forest fragments, the highest values of richness of the edaphic arthropod community were observed in the forest fragments in intermediate successional stages, FF2 and FF3, followed by the forest fragments in the advanced and initial successional stages, FF4 and FF1, respectively (Table 1).
Therefore, due to the higher values of richness and diversity of the plant community in FF4 in relation to the others (Uhlmann et al.
In the FF mean, the abundance of Entomobryomorpha was higher, while the abundance of Acari and Formicidae was lower, compared to the mean were observed in FF3, while the intermediate values were verified in FF1 and the lowest in FF2 and FF4 (Table 1).
In the case of Entomobryomorpha, the abundance was higher in FF2 and FF4 than in FF3 and, for this reason, there was no clear pattern of variation in the abundance of this group throughout the successional process (Table 3).
FF2, FF3 and FF4 showed correlation with Coleoptera, Psocoptera, Pseudoscorpionida, Entomobryomorpha and Archaeognatha.
Our test statistic is the augmented FF4 alpha for these zero investment portfolios.
The augmented FF4 alpha will be driven by IDVOL betas, not the individual IDVOL.
We report the augmented FF4 alphas for portfolios that are IDVOL beta-sorted with RIDVOL (EIDVOL) neutralized in Table V, Panel A (B).
j] = the [alpha] (average excess return) determined using the FF4 model in the match period for target j.
j] = the idiosyncratic volatility estimated from the FF4 model fit during the target's match period.