FF5Family Force 5 (Christian band)
FF5Final Fantasy V (video game)
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The figures for overall universal service costs are approximately FF5 billion in 1997, FF6 billion (estimated) in 1998 and slightly under FF3 billion for 1999 as a result of the increase in subscription rates by France Telecom introduced on March 1.
The goal of our study was to examine three HMO programs that are ahead of the tide and compare the processes of these programs with FF5 programs.
16) Assume a German subsidiary makes a loan of FF6,000,000 to a French subsidiary when FF5 equals DM3.
Evans was inspired when French farmers responded to the Sahel drought crisis in the Seventies by raising FF5 million to send wheat.
2 billion, some FF5 billion above the announced target.
The IFC has extended its backing in the form of a FF5.
5 million) offer as it was only 6% lower than the initial FF5 billion bid, as the new agreement excludes nearly 25 % of Orangina's sales volume, made in the non-home sector, and which made up more than half the brand's profits.
A retrospective study that tracks the mortality rates and time until death of a random sample of 1,240,120 Medicare beneficiaries in the FF5 sector and 1,526,502 enrollees in HMOs between April 1, 1993 and April 1, 1994.
F] is the out-of-pocket premium for the FF5 plan and X includes the same demographic control variables used in the switching analysis.