FF5Family Force 5 (Christian band)
FF5Final Fantasy V (video game)
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Finally, it was also decided during the Joint General Meeting that the nominal value of each share be divided by five, from FF5 to FF1, thus creating 9,485,580 new shares to be issued to shareholders at the rate of 4 new shares for one previously held, allowing for increased liquidity of the shares on the Stock Exchange.
2 billion, some FF5 billion above the announced target.
The IFC has extended its backing in the form of a FF5.
Asset quality is improving with the significant sales of French real estate achieved by AXA in 1997, where FF12 billion of real estate was sold and an additional FF5 billion of real estate is intended to be sold in each of the years, 1998 and 1999.
A retrospective study that tracks the mortality rates and time until death of a random sample of 1,240,120 Medicare beneficiaries in the FF5 sector and 1,526,502 enrollees in HMOs between April 1, 1993 and April 1, 1994.
3 billion to AXA's consolidated revenues and contributed FF5 million negatively to AXA's net income, net of minorities interests.
F] is the out-of-pocket premium for the FF5 plan and X includes the same demographic control variables used in the switching analysis.