FF8Final Fantasy 8 (video game)
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SUCCESS RATES Ff7 Ff8 Ff9 Ff10 Experiment1 %95 %94 %93 %93 Experiment2 %95 %94 %94 %95 Experiment3 %94 %94 %91 %90 Experiment4 %92 %95 %92 %95 Experiment5 %93 %93 %96 %93 Experiment6 %94 %92 %90 %90 Experiment7 %95 %93 %95 %95 Experiment8 %94 %94 %91 %95 Experiment9 %93 %92 %94 %91 Experiment10 %95 %93 %94 %95 Average %94 %93,4 %93 %93,2 TABLE X.
FF1 and FF8 are similar in that one asks for similarities and the other for differences, and in both cases, the systems did represent the knowledge but did not support the reasoning method to compute them.
This report describes the results of a QTL study of 250 [F.sub.2:3] lines of the cross GE37 X FF8. Our objectives were (i) to identity, characterize, and compare QTLs associated with silk maysin concentration and corn earworm antibiosis in the absence of variation at p1; and (ii) to interpret our results together with the extensive information available on flavonoid pathway genetics and biochemistry.
An "emploi pour les jeunes" (employment for the youth) measure, which intends to raise youth employment by 100,000 in 1998, will cost FF8.5bn (0.2 per cent of GDP).
Collectively the yearlings had made Ff8,320,000 (pounds 806,984) in August but went through the ring this weekend for Ff3,670,000 (pounds 355,965).
Further spice is added by six yearlings knocked down to Paul Collins for a combined total of Ff8.32 million (around pounds 825,000) at Deauville in August, and who are
combined total of Ff8,320,000 (pounds 800,000) by agent Paul Collins at Deauville in August are to be reoffered by the French auction house next month because payment has not been received.
Stands at Haras des Sablonnets at a fee of Ff8,000 (Oct 1).
Among first-crop sires, Octagonal and Zamindar did well for those who used them at Ff8,000 and pounds 7,000 respectively, illustrating the confidence in the current batch of young stallions.
As of Tuesday, October 12, the Aga Khan, with Ff8.025 million (pounds 820,552) to his credit, was keeping Michael Tabor at bay.
Prize-money for the mile-and-a-half showpiece, to be known as the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe Lucien Barriere, will be immediately increased by 25 per cent to Ff8.75 million (pounds 941,873), with the winner receiving Ff5 million (pounds 538,213).