FFAAFlorida Fertilizer & Agrichemical Association
FFAAFinnish Field Archery Association
FFAAFlavour and Fragrance Association of Australia
FFAAFilipinos for Affirmative Action (California)
FFAAFuerzas Armadas (Spanish Armed Forces)
FFAAFaith Formation for All Ages
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Ardao, chief of the Department of Pathology at HC FFAA and Dr.
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Dave Herndon, Southeast AgNet and a former president of FFAA, served as emcee.
Artfully misnamed free-trade agreements, such as NAFTA and the proposed FFAA, are designed to accelerate the process.
Due to the violent riots that had plagued the Seattle WTO summit, the Quebec FFAA summit and other international gatherings, the Miami conference took place within a police cordon that sealed off several city blocks behind barricades and an overwhelming police presence on land and sea and in the air.