FFACFish Fingers and Custard
FFACFriends for All Children (Bangkok, Thailand)
FFACFédération Française des Associations de Commerçants (French: French Federation of Traders' Associations)
FFACFinal Fantasy 7: Advent Children (video game)
FFACFormation Factor Log (oil industry)
FFACFranklin Fine Arts Center (Chicago, IL)
FFACFederal Forestland Advisory Committee (Oregon)
FFACFree Folic Acid Content
FFACForward Forward Air Controller
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AVIS consists of a payload platform used as the working platform, a base platform as the foundation frame, three identical vibration isolators as the main component of active vibration isolation, and a feedforward sensors device which can supply the input signal of FFAC. Three identical vibration isolators which are as equilateral triangle arrangement are installed on the three corners of the base platform.
LLPC Control Technology in FFAC. The major characteristics of the lead-lag compensator are the constant attenuation of magnitude at high frequencies and the zero phase shift at high frequencies.
The FFAC workshops use a curriculum that covers an overview of all accounting and finance terminologies, financial analysis, and reports on financial activities.
Kemin's Functional Foods Application Center Kemin Foods' newly constructed Functional Foods Application Center (FFAC) in Des Moines, Iowa, offers a tasty blend of culinary and hard science.
Both pilot- and full-scale production is available, and a new Vulcan stove, along with a Polytron two-stage homogenizer, a pasteurizer, grinder, Artisan rototherm and much more give the FFAC the look and feel of a fine lab and kitchen.
24, 1996, Morgan says, Riverfront Motors submitted an invoice reflecting the sale of 27 cars to a company called FFAC for $473,570.
9, Morgan says, Riverfront generated a dummy invoice for the sale of 23 cars to FFAC for $331,970.