FFACEFederation of Film and Audiovisual Composers of Europe (Levallois-Perret, France)
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The latter play mentions 'the tawny that soild ouer his fface comes of / youle find him an imposter'.
82) Syr, he ys 1100 stydffast man, nor he owyth yow noo goodd wyll thow3th he make a ffayer fface, ffor I hawe spoken to hym ffor yowre warrantys xx tymys.
And the Keper in whose office the Seynt Marye bukke was kylled shall beire the bukkes heede garnished aboute with a repe [bundle] of peace [peas], and the bukes hede must be cabaged [cut off close behind the horns] with the hole fface and yeeres [ears] being on, and the sengill [tail] off the bukke with ij peces of ffatte on either side off the sengill must be ffastened vppon the broo-ankeser [brow antler, the lowest tine of the horn of a stag; 'broo-ankeser' may be an error for 'broo-ankeler' (cf.