FFAFFuneral for A Friend (band)
FFAFFree French Air Force (WW II)
FFAFFrench Federation of American Football
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You can judge for yourself when FFAF hit the road a dates at Birmingham's Asylum on Tuesday February 19, Northampton's Roadmender on Saturday.
The London quartet, who've already toured the UK with FFAF, jump onto this jaunt fresh from a tour with X Is Loaded and Geordie heroes Yourcodenameis:milo.
The words to every FFAF song were screamed along to and a wave of moshing swept sweatily over the packed venue.
Recent single Into Oblivion does find FFAF exploring new musical territory, but it's the kind many would rather scrape from the shoes.
Emo superstars Movielife have recently decided to call it a day, so they won't join FFAF on Sunday night, but London punk-poets Million Dead, Hondo Maclean and Your Code Name Is: Milo will.
The Secret Show might have started off as something to keep Davies busy when on a break from FFAF, but it is clear that he has found a niche and something that he loves.
It's unquestionable that FFAF are now an altered beast and while that will alienate some fans of their hardcore edge, it looks likely to win more new converts.
But not content with shaking up a once moribund metal scene in the UK, and even making the American market raise an eyebrow, Davies has honed his creativity into what is almost a polar-opposite to FFAF.
The choir is set to perform on the FFAF track History, which is being released as a single on Monday.
The family entourage is a welcome addition to the FFAF brigade: Gareth's mum Sandra has been on the tour bus with him, her husband Clive is a regular at gigs and Matt's dad Steve is keen supporter, buying albums for fans and working hard on local PR.