FFAPFédération Française des Associations Philatéliques (French: French Federation of Philatelic Associations)
FFAPFédération Française des Agences de Presse (France)
FFAPFree Fatty Acid Phase
FFAPFestival Filem Asia Pasifik (Malay: Asia Pacific Film Festival)
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So what did they do with this valuable piece of land, without which the entire FFAP is useless?
53 mmx30 m size FFAP column; column temperature: 120[degrees]C, injector temperature: 265[degrees]C, detector temperature: 240[degrees]C).
Lactic acid in samples was determined in aqueous extracts by means of a GLC with a semi-capillary FFAP (nitroterephthalic acid-modified polyethylene glycol) column (Hewlet-Packard, Wardbronn, Germany), over a temperature range of 45 to 230[degrees]C.