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FFARFoundation for Food and Agriculture Research
FFARFolding Fin Aerial Rocket
FFARFolding-Fin Aircraft Rocket
FFARFirst Flight Article Review
FFARFuel and Fuel Additive Registration
FFARForward-Firing Aircraft Rocket
FFARFirst-Fit Adjacent Routing
FFARFédération Française d'Animation de Rue (French: French Federation of Street Animation)
FFARFriends and Families for Autism Research
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This new research program is funded by FFAR and the Walmart Foundation with grants totaling $1.3 million.
machine gun E-3 2.75 in FFAR (Folding fin aircraft rocket) E-4 2.75 FFAR E-5 2.75 FFAR E-6 2.75 FFAR E-9 2.75 FFAR; AIM -4A,B,C,D MG-3 2.75 FFAR; AIM -4A,B,C,D MG-10 2.75 FFAR; AIM -4A,B,C,D MG-12 2.75 FFAR; MB-1 MG-13 MB-1; AIM -4A,B,C,D MA-1 AIM -4E,F,G APG-63 AIM-7F/M;AIM-9L/M; AIM-120 APG-70 AIM-7F/M;AIM-9L/M; AIM-120
* Dine for FFAR: 10 a.m.-11 p.m., Panda Express, 2708 Walton Way, Marion.
Turning to unguided rockets, the best-known of the well-established types are probably France's SNEB 68 mm and Thomson Brandt 100 mm, Switzerland's Oerlikon 80 mm SURA and 81 mm SNORA and America's 2.75-inch (70 mm) FFAR and 5-inch (127 mm) HVAR.
IPTN's Weapon System Division, established in 1981, produces the FFAR (Folding Fin Air-launched Rocket) under license from Forges de Zeebrugge of Belgium, and the wire-guided SUT (Surface Underwater Torpedo) under license from AEG of West Germany.
* Dine with FFAR at Panda Express: 10 a.m.-11 p.m., 2708 Walton Way, Marion.
FFAR be it for me to recommend a rival product, but news reaches me of a ``rattling good read'' published not a million miles away.