FFBMFestival du Film Brésilien de Montréal (French: Brazilian Film Festival of Montreal; Canada)
FFBMFat-Free Body Mass
FFBMFat Fusion Battle Mistress (Busse Combat Knife Company)
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We address the issue in this paper by introducing Communication Boundary Management Theory (CBM), from the family psychology literature, and offer a new theoretical perspective to the family firm literature called Family Firm Boundary Management Theory (FFBM).
In this paper we use Communication Boundary Management Theory to offer a new theoretical explanation called Family Firm Boundary Management Theory (FFBM) to help explain why it is so difficult to access the information needed to truly further our understanding of family firms.
In this section, the original Communication Boundary Management Theory components and dimensions (Petronio, 1991; 2000) are discussed in terms of how they may play into preference for privacy issues and FFBM theory resulting in a lack of academic research.