FFBSFédération Française de Baseball et Softball (French: French Federation of Baseball and Softball)
FFBSFreiwillige Feuerwehr Baden Stadt (German: Baden Volunteer Fire Department; Baden, Germany)
FFBSFamily Finance Building Society (Kenya)
FFBSFlying Fingers Business Solutions
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Because FFBs are traded through a network of broker-dealers on the secondary marketand not through a centralized and public forum, the "few knowledgeable and privileged dealers" were allegedly able to collude without scrutiny from investors, according to the news release.
DISCUSSION: The safety of FFB has been documented from different parts of the world.
Furthermore, hypoxia has been a recognized complication both of transoral and transnasal FFB for at least 25 years.
Our top four indications for FFB were pulmonary infiltration in the chest x-ray, lung mass, hemoptysis and interstitial fibrosis in that order, which constituted 75% of the total.
The yield of FFB in our series was fairly high and the correlation with radiologically findings and histology was good.
During last month, Favelle Favco Bhds (FFB) units have secured purchase orders for supply of offshore cranes and tower cranes from six companies.
The MOD requires independent technical support to provide impartial and objective support to monitor and assess the performance of the contractor undertaking the FFBS contract against a set of key performance indicators to ensure value for money is being achie