FFCBFédération des Francophones de la Colombie-Britannique (Canada)
FFCBFederal Farm Credit Bank (finance)
FFCBFédération Française pour la Coopération des Bibliothèques (French: French Federation for Cooperation of Libraries)
FFCBFédération Française des Commerçants en Bestiaux (French: French Federation of Cattle Merchants)
FFCBFirst Federal Community Bank (Bucyrus, OH)
FFCBFederal Farm Credit Bureau
FFCBFirst Financial Bancorp
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The FFCB also remained attached to the occluding mesocyclone.
The FFCB also detached from the occluding mesocyclone but remained connected to the primary RFGF at the location of the developing region of cyclonic vorticity (Figures 9(c) and 9(e)).
Despite the RFD intensification, convergence along the FFCB (Figure 5(a)) did not noticeably change, suggesting that the increased outflow from the RFD was directed mainly westward towards the SRFGF.
Concurrently, convergence along the FFCB extended well to the northeast and then advanced eastward along the primary RFGF, as the primary RFD finally began shifting eastward relative to the occluding low-level circulation.
The RFGF, SRFGF, and the FFCB all converged to a triple point on the north side of the circulation for most of the life cycle of the mesocyclone.
Deux autres organismes (Nunafranc et FFCB) s'y prennent autrement pour faire de la diversite une composante encore plus intrinseque de leur identite, justement en en faisant la promotion en tant que valeur.
Courriel: belkhoc@umoncton.ca Tableau 1 Taille de la Couverture de L'Immigration dans les Sites Internet par Organisme Membre de la FCFA (en nombre de caracteres) Organisme Taille FCFA 211 683 FNFCF 71 694 SFM 17 497 ACFO 9 505 CNPF 9 364 SAANB 7 809 ACF 4 940 FANE 3 973 FFCB 3 691 Nunafranc 2 973 ARC 2 215 ACFA 712 Tableau 2 Taille de la Couverture de L'Immigration dans les Sites Internet par Organisme Membre du Forum (en nombre de caracteres) Organisme Taille AFMNB 28542 (16) SAANB 7809 FANB 6794 CPNB 6066 AEFNB 5185 MCA 2172 CENB 2013 Forum 784
First Federal Capital, with total consolidated assets of approximately $3.8 billion, is the eighth largest depository organization in Wisconsin and operates one depository institution in the state, FFCB, that controls deposits of $2.7 billion.
Associated has committed to conform all the activities of FFCB to those permissible under section 4(c)(8) of the BHC Act and Regulation Y.
In reviewing the proposal, the Board is required by section 4(j)(2)(A) of the BHC Act to determine that the proposed acquisition of First Federal Capital and FFCB "can reasonably be expected to produce benefits to the public that outweigh possible adverse effects, such as undue concentration of resources, decreased or unfair competition, conflicts of interests, or unsound banking practices." (5) As part of its evaluation of the public interest factors, the Board reviews the financial and managerial resources of the companies involved, the effect of the proposal on competition in the relevant markets, and the public benefits of the proposal.
Associated's subsidiary banks and FFCB compete directly in 18 banking markets.