FFDAFamilies for Depression Awareness (Waltham, MA)
FFDAFlorida Funeral Directors Association
FFDAFederated Funeral Directors of America (Springfield, IL)
FFDAFish Farmers Development Agency (India)
FFDAFact-Finding Documentation and Advocacy (est. 1995; India)
FFDAFinnish Flying Disc Association (frisbee)
FFDAForum for Development Association
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(187.) FFDA Petition, supra note 139, at [paragraph] 22 (noting Sri Lankan government's success in curbing child marriage).
Washed midside patch wool samples were reduced in length and the mean fibre diameter was measured by FFDA (Lynch and Michie, 1973).
Our other new product is Secoat 7860, an FFDA compliant heat resistant top coating that's ideal for paper plates and bakery trays."
Tenders are invited for Construction of meen bhavan for the office of the adf and ceo, ffda, kalimpong