FFDIFoundation for Design Integrity
FFDIFederation of the Food and Drink Industries (Czech Republic)
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FFDI = 1.2753 x exp[0.987 x ln(DF) + 0.0338 x Tmax + 0.0234 xV - 0.0345 x RH],
For the calculation of the FFDI we developed a hybrid approach using observations to estimate the DF in the setup of a subseasonal forecast of the event.
ESla), and, to account for natural variability, we choose a conservative estimate of 1[degrees]C to remove from the temperature in the low-C[O.sub.2] calculation of the FFDI. No change is applied to the precipitation as it is unclear on the direction of change in summer rainfall due to C[O.sub.2] increase (CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology 2015), although there is a slight drying trend since 1960 (Fig.
Aspects of the wider circulation were less well forecast, but local westerly winds were evident in both the observed anomalies for the 2-week period and the forecasts, bringing dry inland air to the region of extreme FFDI (not shown).
Using the hybrid method to estimate the FFDI, the pattern is well forecast in the current climate (Fig.
In section three, the concept of local comparative advantage (Deardorff 2004) is used for better understanding of FFDI. The perfect and efficient financial market of the Modern Theory of Finance is replaced by a set of imperfect contracts negotiated and renegotiated between domestic firms in emerging markets and private equity funds from the US and other major capital markets.
A well developed financial system is necessary to enhance the import of sector specific (high-risk) capital, a necessary condition for FFDI.
In many cases FDI and FFDI do depend on relatively transparent and enforceable corporate governance.
The developed countries parties (i.e., the private equity funds in the case of FFDI) are maximizing their general partners' and their limited partners' value through the optimal employment of their ownership advantage in the target companies in the emerging market.
FFDI: Private Equity as a Change Agent for Business, Economic and Social Growth in Emerging Markets
In contrast to the Dereel fire, the Apsey West prescribed burn occurred under less severe fire weather conditions (FFDI = 21, which corresponds to a percentile value of 88.6 for the area).
Details of each BCPE deployment to date, including the nature of the data collected, daily max FFDI, and associated return interval, fire, and fuel details.